AIRBOLT Card Tracker – Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker Locator – Wallets, Suitcase, Purses, Backpacks, Luggage Finder… Price: 24.95 (as of 09/04/2023 00:31 PST- Details)

NEVER LOSE YOUR THINGS AGAIN: Never lose track of or forget your wallet, phone, purse, luggage, or backpack with our smartphone controlled card size Bluetooth locator. Slip into your suitcase for easy tracking and to ensure your luggage does not get lost during airline or train travel. Easily connects with the AirBolt smartphone app so you can monitor anything anytime
LOCATE NEAR OR FAR: Find your wallet, cell phone, backpack, or luggage quickly and easily with this slim, sleek location tracker that has a field range of 780ft. Out of range? Use the crowdsourced GPS network on the AirBolt app to view your belonging’s most recent location on a map
SEPARATION ALERTS: With the AirBolt separation alerts, you’ll immediatelly get notified whenever you leave your items behind. Go about your day with one less thing to worry about

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